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This Halloween Go Green!

By Kanya Hart, Drake High School Senior & Sustainable Fairfax Zero Waste Intern During the holidays we all let go a little. But it doesn’t have to be expensive, on our wallets or the Earth. According to, Americans buy 598 million pounds of candy each year that have to be trucked or flown cross-country and […]

Sustainable Fairfax Youth Blog: SO, What is a Biodigester?


As a senior in Drake High School’s environmental studies academy SEA-DISC, one of my many activities is an internship with the local non-profit organization Sustainable Fairfax. Recently I have been working with Sustainable Fairfax on their water program, conducting interviews with various experts on water use, waste water, and watersheds in Marin County and getting […]

Free Sharps and Medical Waste Disposal

The County of Marin is sponsoring free disposal of sharps and medical waste at many locations. Safe disposal of medical waste reduces harmful chemicals in our water systems and soil, reduces the risk of accidental use, especially by children, and is a great way to keep your medicine cabinet safe and clutter-free. For the most […]

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) – A Step on the Path to Zero Waste

Zero Waste

What is Extended Producer Responsibility? The move towards zero waste is not just about responsible waste management, it’s also about sustainable consumer practices and sustainable retailer and manufacturing processes. Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) requires manufacturers to minimize the environmental impact of their products at each stage of the product’s lifecycle. This includes taking responsibility for […]

Zero Waste Progress Report!

Zero Waste

As we approach our ambitious goal of attaining Zero Waste in Fairfax by 2020, Sustainable Fairfax has made significant progress in building community awareness through our resource recovery programs and services. With the goal of diverting 94% of re-usable and recyclable resources from the landfill by 2020, the Town of Fairfax’s zero waste resolution puts us […]