Go Blue! Take Action on Water

Recent drought conditions throughout the Western states have strained water supplies, endangered groundwater, fueled wildfires and threatened the health and wellbeing of our lands, fisheries and communities.

What are the Issues?

The average human needs 10.5 cups of water per day. Water is a limited resource. Only 3% of the world’s water supply is available for drinking.

As water becomes more scarce, issues with the commoditization and privatization of this resource is becoming more apparent. Water should be treated as a basic human right.

Marin County is both blessed and challenged with our own watershed providing 75% of our water supply. The other 25% comes from our northern neighbor, Sonoma County and the Russian River.

What are the Solutions?

The main solutions are to conserve the water we do have and keep it from being polluted. This needs to happen on an individual, community and industrial level. Here are some suggestions to get started:

Water Conservation

  • Fix leaky faucets and toilets. Install high efficiency showerheads, toilets, clothes washers and faucets
  • Install a greywater system and always wash full loads of clothes & dishes
  • Replace your lawn with natives and low water plants. Only water in the evening. Create swales and berms to soak, sink and spread rainwater on your property
  • Capture water from your roof
  • Install permeable surfaces (driveways, patios) to prevent run off into storm drain

Take advantage of MMWD rebates for high efficiency toilets and clothes washers ($150 each!). Also available are $50 rebates for pool covers, hot water recirculating systems, organic mulch, laundry-to-landscape system components and rain barrels.

Pollution Prevention

  • Reduce household pollutants by eliminating and disposing herbicides, pesticides and clean products
  • Reduce pollution from cars and trucks
  • Properly dispose of pharmaceuticals, e-waste and motor oil

What is Sustainable Fairfax Doing about Water Conservation?

We need to address our local water issues and empower our community to contribute to our region’s water security and health of the watershed. Through education, workshops, lectures and films, Sustainable Fairfax continues to raise awareness on current drought conditions, provide opportunities to learn about alternative technologies for water conservation, support local creek clean ups and advocate for sustainable, regenerative solutions concerning our watershed.

So far in our program, we have featured:

  • Greywater & rainwater harvesting workshops
  • Film screenings featuring speakers on water conservation
  • A panel of experts to address water policy at the county and state levels
  • A bike tour of homes with active greywater and rainwater catchment systems
  • Composting and native plant workshops
  • Green Infrastructure projects with Common Current

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Special thanks to our sponsor, New Belgium Brewing, for supporting this initiative!