Zero Waste Resources

Zero Waste

We are fortunate to have a lot of tools available to us to make reducing landfill part of our home and business lives. Below are some great resources to help you take action.

EPR Resources

The California Product Stewardship Council. Check out their site to see how you can help support EPR – and “Like” them on Facebook to stay in the know:

Zero Waste Marin has a great list of recycling resources and take-back programs!

Resources for Reducing Consumption

My Plastic-free Life

The Story of Stuff


Reuse Resources

Marin Freecycle – Marin Freecycle is a group where people post goods that are no longer of use to them. These goods can be claimed for free by other list-members. This can be a great way to get rid of your things, and a fun way to hunt for new treasure!

The Marin Free Stuff Facebook Group is another easy way to post and claim free local stuff.

West Marin is home to a Recycle Circus that shows a lot of creative and fun ways to repurpose old material.

The Away Station – The Away Station, located in Fairfax Lumber, is a great place to donate (and find) used architectural salvage. Donations are tax-deductable!

The St Rita Thrift Store – Located at 2090 Sir Francis Drake Blvd., this is a great place to give new life to books, clothes, and household goods. It’s one place we find all of the silverware and napkins to help make our events zero waste! Call 415-482-7622 for information.

Casa Allegra – Casa Allegra Community Services provides employment for developmentally disabled individuals. They take donations of cell phones, fax machines, printers. Will pick

Marin Computer Resource Center – They recycle household electronics and give away free refurbished computers to those in need to help narrow the digital divide.

Recycling, Composting, and Take-Back Programs

Curb-side Recycling and CompostingClick here for the Marin Sanitary Service’s guidelines for where to put your waste. So much can go into the “green bin” now!

Take Advantage of Take-Back Programs – Patronize companies that offer voluntary take-back programs for the products they sell, such as Home Depot’s fluorescent bulb recycling program. To find recycling locations near you, visit the Earth911 website.

General Resources

Zero Waste Marin – – This site has great resources and information for waste disposal that will make it easy for you to take real steps towards zero waste in your home or business.

Marin Sanitary Services – Don’t know how to dispose of those chemicals? Want to compost your Christmas tree? MSS is Fairfax’s partner on the path to Zero Wast and has a lot of useful information .

No Wetlands Landfill Expansion

Novato Disposal,

Stop Junk mail links:

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