Zero Waste at Fairfax Streets for People

vintage old cutlery

This year Sustainable Fairfax is taking extra steps to reduce landfill waste at Streets for People. We are excited to share with you two simple ways to help reach our goal.

  1. Reduce waste by bringing your personal reusable water bottle to the US Pure Water station, and earn a Fairbuck souvenier. Learn about the recent completion of the Fairbuck project here.


    The Fairbuck- 2011


  2. Streets for People is an opportunity to build personal relationships with the people in your community. One way we connect with each other is by eating together!  We ask you to think of “to-go” as “to-stay,” and use the Sustainable Fairfax cutlery at the event:  real utensils, just like home.  

    There will be baskets of cutlery at the Mana Bowls and Grilly’s booths for you to use. You can drop off your used cutlery at collection buckets located at the food tables and in the street.


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