Take the ReduceX2 Challenge! 


Take the Sustainable Fairfax ReduceX2 Challenge, and replace your single-occupancy car trips with other modes of transport at least two times per week (ReduceX2!). After completing the 3-week challenge, you will be entered into a drawing to win great prizes including a Boreas Gear backpack and an Alite barrell handlebar bag.

During the first week of the challenge you will assess your travel habits by tracking each of your trips through our text messaging program. The second two weeks you will try to replace your single occupancy car trips with biking, walking, taking the ferry, busing or carpooling.

You will receive encouragement and feedback along the way, including a daily report of the greenhouse gases you reduced by taking alternative transportation.  Share pictures from your trips with other ReduceX2 participants on social media (Instagram or Twitter) if you choose to.

This challenge offers a fun way to break habits and find better ones, not only to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but to foster new ways of connecting with the beautiful Fairfax environment and community.

STARTING THE CHALLENGE IS EASY!  Just text “Start” to 415-214-9502 and you are on your way!!  To learn more about the Challenge, check out the ReduceX2 FAQs.

Why is this important?

Fairfax Climate Action Plan: Community Emissions by Sector, 2010Getting around without your car reduces both traffic and greenhouse gases. The Fairfax Climate Action Plan shows that transportation is responsible for 47% of the Town’s greenhouse gas emissions.  If everyone used alternative transportation modes for just two additional trips per week, together we could make a significant impact, while GAINING the benefits of exercise, health, and a stronger connection to our community.

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WANT TO JOIN OUR REDUCE BY TWO COMMITTEE? We are looking for motivated creative people of all ages to make our campaign energizing and fun.  Email SustainFX@gmail.com

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