This Halloween Go Green!

By Kanya Hart, Drake High School Senior & Sustainable Fairfax Zero Waste Intern

During the holidays we all let go a little. But it doesn’t have to be expensive, on our wallets or the Earth. According to, Americans buy 598 million pounds of candy each year that have to be trucked or flown cross-country and internationally for purchase. Not only do Americans generate tons of waste from each individually wrapped candy, but are additionally paying for the carbon emissions from transportation to the store. You can help the Earth and celebrate this Halloween without stressing your wallets.

Here are some fun ideas for a sustainable Halloween:



Celebrate the harvest season by buying local, fair trade, organic products


TRICK OR TREAT BAGStricktreatbags

  • Take an old pillowcase and discarded fabric to draw on and redesign for cute bags


Purchase an organic pumpkin right off the vine at Nicasio Pumpkin Patch only 20 minutes from town

  • every weekend in October, 10am – 6pm
  • hayrides, BBQ, face-painting, a giant slide, music and special weekend activities



  • Engage in a fun art project with leftover candy wrappers and make bracelets, purses and other jewelry, or decorate household items
  • Take one last picture and bring your pumpkin to Marin Sanitary Service on November 7th for a free facility tour and compost container
  • Donate your costumes and decorations to Goodwill or store them in your closet for next year


Remember to buy as little as possible! Reuse materials in fun creative ways and share ideas with others. At the end of the day the most rewarding experiences are made in a community.

See you in Town and Have FUN!

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