ELECTION 2016: Sustainable Fairfax Recommends YES on C, YES on 67, NO on 65


Sustainable Fairfax strongly encourages everyone to vote on November 8th, 2016! For voting information, including your polling place, please see this link.  Below are our recommendations for the Statewide General Election (Propositions 65 and 67) and Fairfax Special Municipal Election (Measure C) .

YES on Proposition 67. Eight years ago, Sustainable Fairfax initiated the first plastic bag ban in the country that was (overwhelmingly) approved at the ballot box. Since then, plastic bag bans have spread like wildfire around the world, and in September 2014 the Governor approved Senate Bill 270, a statewide plastic bag ban.  The plastic bag maker lobby – the American Progressive Bag Alliance – gathered the signatures necessary for a Referendum placed on the ballot as Proposition 67.  This lobby has spent millions to defeat the ban.  Please help us protect the environment, take steps towards eliminating plastic from our landfills and oceans, and RETAIN this new law.  Vote YES on 67!!!

NO on Proposition 65.  This proposition, put on the ballot by the plastic lobby, conflicts with Proposition 67.  Prop 65 requires grocers to donate the 10 cent bag fee to specific environmental causes, while Proposition 67 allows the grocer to use the bag fee funds to comply with the bag ban law (ie for purchasing reusable bags and providing education about the single-use bag issue).  Some believe the only purpose of this proposition is to confuse voters and divide the environmental vote. We are in favor of bag fees, but taking away these funds from the grocers is not the answer.  And, if Prop 65 received more votes than Prop 67, it may actually supersede Prop 67.  Vote NO on 65!!!


YES on the Fairfax Measure C.  This is a general tax measure to continue a retail transactions and use tax in Fairfax for an additional ten years, and to increase the Fairfax sales tax rate from ½ % to ¾ %.  We believe this tax measure is necessary to cover increases in the Town’s public service costs and to fund important projects to improve safety for our residents. The ¼% increase (translating to just 25 cents for every $100 spent), will help the Town fund projects such as street paving, sidewalk repair, trail expansion for wildfire safety, community planning for disaster evacuations, and senior and youth programs. The sales tax is a fair way for our many visitors to contribute to our Town livelihood when they enjoy our stores and restaurant. Find out more about Measure C here>>

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