Support the California Seed Exchange Democracy Act!

Many Californians have started seed libraries which are local community-based organizations (like the one sponsored by the Fairfax branch library and Sustainable Fairfax) that offer public free access to seeds.  In 2014 several states, placed legal restrictions on seed sharing by demanding that seed libraries comply with burdensome, unrealistic testing and labeling regulations designed for commercial seed companies. Please support the California seed library community, small farmers, farm support and advocacy organizations and the food justice community to legalize seed sharing in California.
The Seed Exchange Democracy Act, Assembly Bill 1810 sponsored by our very own assemblyman, Marc Levine will:
  1. Appropriately redefine “sell” in the California Food and Agriculture Code so that noncommercial seed sharing does not fall within the scope of the California Seed Law.
  2. Declare the California Seed Law’s intent to regulate commercial seed sales, not non commercial seed sharing.
  3. Promote seed sharing and equitable access to healthy food by removing burdensome labeling, testing and registration requirements for in-state non commercial seed sharing.
  4. Promote seed micro-enterprises by reducing testing requirements for anyone who grows and sells untreated, uncertified, non-proprietary seed in California and earns $5,000 or less in gross seed sales revenue.

For more information on how to support the bill visit

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