ReduceX2 FAQs

The ReduceX2 Challenge

The ReduceX2 Challenge provides participants with an easy way to track the trips they take, and get feedback about them, through text messages.

LENGTH OF CHALLENGE: 3 Weeks. The challenge begins the day that you register through the text message.  You will be guided with text message reminders.

First Week- Baseline: The first week of the challenge, simply track all of your trips whether by car, bus, bike, foot, ferry or carpool. Participants should not try to change their regular transit habits during week one- it serves as the baseline. At the end of the first week, they will receive their current transportation profile, including number of trips, miles traveled, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Weeks Two and Three: The second two weeks participants will still track all of their trips, but will also try to replace their car trips with alternative modes of transportation.


How do I register?  Just text Start to 415-214-9502.  Smartphones work best with this program.  You will need to have cellular or wireless connection.

Do I have to give my full name? No, you can just use a first name if you prefer.

Do I have to give my email? Yes, we will be sending you important information by email with respect to the challenge. We will not put your email address on any lists without your permission.  This program is owned solely by Sustainable Fairfax and not any outside company or organization.

Logging Trips: After you register through the text messaging program, you will text “First” after completing your first trip. You will then be prompted to provide information about your trip. All subsequent trips will be logged in one text using the following format:


Example for biking 5 miles to work:


MILES: You can estimate the number of miles, or use Google Maps to determine the mileage.

MODE: Choose One: Car, Bike, Walk, Bus, Ferry, Carpool

REASON: Choose One: Errand, School, Work, Family, Social, Personal (Or provide your own reason!)

What if I want to reset the Challenge to Day 1? Text “Reset” and you will begin again at Day 1. You will not need to register again.  Just log your next trip using the Miles Mode Reason format above.

What is a TRIP? A trip is one leg of a trip to a destination or destinations. If you take multiple modes to reach a destination, each leg is a separate trip.

How long do I have to log my Trip? We recommend logging your trip immediately after you have completed it. You can also log your trips at the end of the day, before 9pm if possible.  All trips logged before the end of the last day of each week will be counted in the final tallies for each week.

What if I make an error? Please email with the corrected information and we will make the change for you.

What if I fly during the challenge? Plane trips are not included in this challenge, since we are focused on day-to-day trips. You may include the trips to get to the airport, however, as well as any ground trips you take at your destination.

How do I connect with others doing the challenge? Share pictures of your trips or descriptions of your experiences by social media. ReduceX2 has both an Instagram and Twitter account. Tag your posts with @REDUCEX2 #REDUCEX2 !   We also lead walks (Fairfax on Foot) and easygoing bike rides (Slow Riders) around the neighborhoods of Fairfax and beyond. Email if you would like to be notified about these rides.!