Marin Clean Energy

marin_clean_energyMarin Clean Energy, a project spearheaded by Sustainable Fairfax co-founder Rebekah Collins, brought together all the towns in Marin that wanted to become buyers and resellers of green energy.

Marin Clean Energy is a local electricity provider that offers residents and businesses within our service area a choice of greener, non-polluting renewable energy.

The organization partners with PG&E to deliver electricity and maintain the power lines as they always have, but the electricity our customers receive is 50-100% renewable energy. PG&E continues to read the electric meters, issue monthly bills to customers and provide the same maintenance and other repair services just like they always have. Marin Clean Energy provides electricity (called generation) from alternate sources and sets affordable rates for its services.

By offering a much higher percentage of renewable energy than is available from PG&E, MCE lowers customers’ greenhouse gas emissions and offers customers an easy choice for a greener way of living. Greater use of renewable energy also reduces our reliance on foreign and domestic fossil fuels, which helps protect our consumers from spikes in energy prices.

Sustainable Fairfax helped win a major policy victory. Now, residents and businesses in the Marin Clean Energy service area can sign up for 100% green energy.

For more information, see the Marin Clean Energy website.