Be a Fairfax Water Hero…Take the Pledge!

  • I turn off the tap while brushing my teeth.Water Saved: 300 gallons/month
  • I cut my shower time by 1-2 minutes.Water Saved: 700 gallons/month
  • I run only full loads of dishes or laundry.Water Saved: 700 gallons/month
    I repair any leaky faucets and toilets.Water Saved: 190 gallons/month
  • I use a broom instead of hose to clean my driveway, decks & patios.Water Saved: 8-18 gallons/month.
  • I use pool & spa covers to reduce evaporation.Water Saved: 30 gallons/day.
  • I replaced a portion of lawn with drought resistant natives.Water Saved: 33-60 gallons/day/1,000sqft depending on climate.
  • I repair any irrigation leaks & broken sprinklers.Water Saved: 20 gallons/day per leak.
  • I reduced each irrigation cycle by 1-3 minutes.Water Saved: 15-25 gallons/minute; up to 250 gallons a cycle