FAIRFAX- Special Deal on MCE Deep Green!


One of the top initiatives of the Fairfax Climate Action Committee is to increase the enrollment of Fairfax residents in Marin Clean Energy’s Deep Green 100% renewable energy service. The committee has determined that this is one of the most significant actions individuals can take to combat climate change and improve our collective carbon footprint.

Sign up below for the Deep Green service and receive a $5 credit/month from the Town of Fairfax on your electricity bill for an entire year (which covers what the typical home spends on the extra cost for the service). This deal is available to the first 100 Fairfax households only! For more details, see the link below.

Are you unsure what service you currently have?  The default service is the MCE Light Green program (50% renewable energy).  PG&E provides electricity to those customers that “opted-out” of the MCE service.

Why do MCE customers receive PG&E bills?  MCE provides its customers with electricity only. PG&E delivers the gas and maintains the transmission lines for electricity, so even if you are an MCE customer you will get a PG&E bill. The MCE portion of your service appears on your PGE bill.

SIGN UP FOR DEEP GREEN HERE!  Any questions?  Please contact FairfaxCAC@gmail.com.

–Jennifer Hammond,  Executive Director, Sustainable Fairfax; Committee Member, Fairfax Climate Action

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