Bring it Home- Free Compost for Fairfax Residents!

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For Fairfax Residents only.  NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE!  

Marin Sanitary Service (MSS) is providing the last compost delivery of the year on October 15 at the Fairfax Pavilion parking lot (at the ball field fence). Typically, the compost lasts for several days until it is gone. Bring a shovel, and a bag or container to transport the compost.


This compost is shared with all Fairfax residents. Please do not take more than FIVE 5-gallon buckets (which provides a one inch cover for a 40 square foot garden)

GIVE YOUR GARDEN A BOOST! This compost is certified organic and is made from the food and yard waste collected in the MSS Green curbside carts. Please note that compost is a soil amendment – it is recommended that you do not put more than 1-2 inches on perennials and annuals, 1/4 inch for lawns.  According to Marin Master Gardeners: “A good rule of thumb when incorporating compost as a soil amendment is 25 percent of the planned depth, i.e., two inches of organic matter worked in to a depth of eight inches.”

Sustainable Fairfax coordinates several compost deliveries from Marin Sanitary Service per year in accordance with a contract with the Town of Fairfax.  The next delivery will take place in March or April 2017. Sign up below to be notified:

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