Downtown Fairfax gets new waste receptacles!


Have you seen the sparkling new public waste and recycling receptacles in downtown Fairfax? What an improvement! Thanks to the Town of Fairfax, Marin Sanitary and Sustainable Fairfax for working together to make this happen.

IMPORTANT: The brown recycling receptacle is NOT for paper! Please use the brown receptacles for recyclable plastic bottles & containers (not plastic wrap!), glass bottles (you can keep the lid on) and aluminum cans. Its ok for your plastic containers to have some food on them, but wipe them out if you can.


–PAPER CUPS.  As at home, paper cups should go in the grey curbside landfill cart because they are often lined with plastic (the plastic lids can go in recycling).
–BIOPLASTICS.  Bioplastics, also known as “compostable plastic,’ must be put in the grey landfill carts. These materials are not accepted our composting facility, Redwood Landfill, because the material does not breakdown fast enough for commercial composting.
–NEWSPAPERS, MAGAZINES.  Clean paper can be recycled at home in the blue side of your curbside recycling cart, or in the paper recycling bin at the business you visited if they have one.
— SOILED NAPKINS & FOOD SCRAPS.  Soiled napkins and food scraps go in the compost bin at the business you visited if they have one, in your green curbside yard & food waste cart at home, or (as a last resort) the grey landfill cart. There will not be public compost receptacles downtown because of the high contamination rates in public areas.

REFUSE PLASTIC & SINGLE-USE CONTAINERS WHEN POSSIBLE!  Please remember that recycling is not the solution to our waste problem.  There is a shrinking market for recycled plastic, not to mention the energy required to recycle. It is always best to ask the café or restaurant for reusable cups, utensils and containers or bring your own.

Let us know if you have any questions! Write

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