Did Your Bike Get Tagged?

BikeTag_Your bike is hot

On Friday, August 28, 2015, Sustainable Fairfax took to the streets as part of a launch of our new transportation initiative:  Reduce By Two (Car Trips per Week).   We tagged bikes with sayings like “Your bike is hot,”  “I love what you’ve done with your bike,” “Joy Ride, Amazing things happen when you ride your bike!” and “Pedal like it Counts.” The tagging campaign seeks to thank people for riding their bikes to town, and also to raise awareness about our ReduceX2 initiative:  the campaign will provide people with the resources, information and encouragement needed to reduce two car trips two per week, by biking, walking, car pooling or taking public transportation.


If you received a tag, keep it on your bike or pass it on to someone else!

Want to join our ReduceX2 committee?  Write to SustainFX@gmail.com.