Celebrating Community

Community-building is an important part of what we do. We believe that building a strong community means engaging people of all ages and backgrounds to interact and get involved in group projects, activities, and celebrations. It means creating a sense of accountability to each other and to the place in which we live, on both a small scale and a global one.

Through our workshops, film series, events, and panels, we bring people together to interact with each other and to learn.

  • Streets for People brings the whole town together to celebrate our local economy and to engage and learn in the streets.
  • The Sustainable Craft Faire gets everyone ready for a season of giving with uplifting local music, yummy organic food, hand-made goods and crafts from local artisans, and holiday good cheer.
  • The Sustainable Garden transformed a central downtown space into a beautiful, educational, and useful garden that restored beauty to the Women’s Club building and gave the community a sense of engagement and ownership of the space.
  • Our Sustainable Film & Speaker Series brings the community together to learn and discuss topics of sustainability.
  • Our “Fairfax on Foot” walks and “Slow Riders” bike rides make it fun to explore our neighborhoods, open space and other popular Marin destinations together. These programs are part of our ReduceX2 initiative, celebrating alternative forms of transportation and inspiring people to reduce the number of car trips they make by at least two per week.

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A strong community benefits the individuals that belong to the community, as well as society as a whole. People of all ages who feel tied to their communities lead happier and healthier lives.