Climate Change Resources

Below are some resources to help keep you up to date on Climate Change.

National Resource Defense Council Global Warming:

The Environmental Protection Agency:
Environmental Protection Agency site on Science, Health, Environment, Policy, and what you can do. Includes a site for kids too!

Cities for Climate Protection (ICLEI):

Environmental Defense Fund:
Founded by scientists, [EDF] believes in data…It promotes market incentives to change behavior and isn’t afraid to work with industry. Utterly nonpartisan, it is oriented toward practical policy solutions.
Consequences of Global Warming in North America

Weather and Climate Resources:

An Inconvenient Truth:
In 2006, An Inconvenient Truth opened the world’s eyes to climate change and sparked a worldwide conversation that continues today. Keep the spotlight on this evolving and accelerating threat — see the film, learn about the issues, and take action.