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First Fairfax Compost Delivery of 2013

Rachel McKay 3/20/2013 Get your Oro Negro (compost) on Friday, April 5th when the first of two deliveries is made. The second delivery will be on Friday, May 3rd. This compost, made from local food scraps by Marin Sanitary, is available for free to all Fairfax residents. The drop off will be by the large containers between […]

Oro Negro: Turning Food Waste into Gold


Oro negro! declared the late Pedro Hernandez as he dug the compost each winter. Black gold! Pedro was from Guatemala and gardened fourteen years for my dear English landlady. My sister, who lives in Hawaii, likes to tell me about showing her house to guests; her tours always include her compost full of worms. Certain that they find […]

Zero Waste Resources

Zero Waste

We are fortunate to have a lot of tools available to us to make reducing landfill part of our home and business lives. Below are some great resources to help you take action. EPR Resources The California Product Stewardship Council. Check out their site to see how you can help support EPR – and […]

Green Tips for the New Year

The year is young and there is still time to make commitments to create new habits. Find inspiration in Gary Snyder’s poem, For the Children, and learn how to precycle. Go Light It is mid-winter of this New Year, 2013, and glimmers of returning light make each day a little longer. As winter’s dark stillness […]

Sustainable New Year’s Resolutions

Bringing sustainability into your day-to-day routine can seem challenging. To help you out, we’ve pulled together 12 resolutions to make it easy for you get on the path to a healthier, more sustainable 2012. Through the year, we’ll be exploring each topic to give you more information about bringing these practices into your daily routine! […]