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April 2010 Reservoir Report

SPRING RAINS CONTINUE TO EXCEED SEASONAL AVERAGES Rainfall this year continues to exceed the average, with rain for the month of April measuring 8.24 inches at Lake Lagunitas. Rainfall in April 2009 was 1.27 inches, while average is 3.69 inches. Average May rainfall is 1.17 inches; May rainfall this year through the 20th is already […]

Fairfax Water Conservation Pilot Project

Update: Pilot in 2010 There has been much discussion about securing the water future for Marin County. MMWD is our main water district and through them we procure 75% of our water from our local watershed and import 25% of our water from outside the county, the average MMWD client uses 140 gallons of water per person, per day and plans are moving forward on a costly […]

About Our Rain Garden

In 2005, when we began designing our Sustainable Backyard, Fairfax and San Anselmo got hit with the second 100-year flood in 25 years. We believe that climate change is causing extreme weather and raising the sea level, which only means more flooding for us. What can we do? That is what we asked Geoff Hall […]