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Ethical Clothing Companies

The following ethical clothing companies were recommended by Rebecca Burgess of Fibershed: Everlane Ambatalia Sally Fox and Fox Fibre  Black Mountain Farm Bodega Pastures Boneyard Beanies California Cloth Foundry Caprette Cashmere Running River Organics Ramblers Way Duckworth  Elizabeth Suzann  Pansy *purchase 100% organic cotton *more vendor/producer listings on

Youth Blog: Why Fire is a Threat to Water


As a senior in Drake High School’s environmental studies academy SEA-DISC, one of my many activities is an internship with the local non-profit organization Sustainable Fairfax. Recently I have been working with Sustainable Fairfax on their water program, conducting interviews with various experts on water use, waste water, and watersheds in Marin County and getting […]

Local Learning Sessions from Greywater Action

Want to know more about greywater reuse? Greywater Action has an informative evening slideshow presentation: “Drought-Proof Your Landscape with Greywater.” Learn about common types of systems, advantages and limitation of different systems, what soaps and products are plant-friendly, water saving potential, costs, and about codes and regulations. Discover what types of greywater systems may be best for your home. (Bay Area) March 6th, 7pm […]

Water Conservation Resources

Below are some great resources for water conservation and management. Please check them out, and let us know if you have resources to add. Water Conservation in the Home Landscape Bay-Friendly Garden Walk Receive a free residential garden evaluation from a Marin Master Gardener. Get expert advice on water-wise planting and tips for a beautiful, […]

Water Conservation Survey

This survey takes 10 minutes and greatly helps us know what you have already done to conserve water and what steps you might take to save water in your home. We want Fairfax to be the Water Heroes of Marin and lead the way to living sustainably in our water shed. Please Join Us! Click […]

Be a Fairfax Water Hero…Take the Pledge!

I turn off the tap while brushing my teeth.Water Saved: 300 gallons/month I cut my shower time by 1-2 minutes.Water Saved: 700 gallons/month I run only full loads of dishes or laundry.Water Saved: 700 gallons/month I repair any leaky faucets and toilets.Water Saved: 190 gallons/month I use a broom instead of hose to clean my […]

Bay Friendly Gardening Workshops

Need inspiration for your garden makeover? Want to learn the “Seven Principles” of Bay Friendly gardening? Thank you to all the MMWD customers who made our first year (of holding summer classes at Sustainable Fairfax) such a success!! A big thanks goes out to the Water District’s teachers, Earthsite and our sponsor with whose assistance made […]