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Garden Tips for January


It’s bare-root season! Plant-bare root fruit trees, roses, berry vines, etc. Some nurseries will prune the tree for you before you take it home. Start vegetables indoors: Broccoli, cabbage (early varieties), cauliflower, celery, kale, Romaine lettuce, peas, artichoke, chard, leeks, rhubarb, spinach. Garden upkeep: Prune fruit trees and roses, Cover frost-tender plants (Leave plants already damaged by […]

Oro Negro: Turning Food Waste into Gold


Oro negro! declared the late Pedro Hernandez as he dug the compost each winter. Black gold! Pedro was from Guatemala and gardened fourteen years for my dear English landlady. My sister, who lives in Hawaii, likes to tell me about showing her house to guests; her tours always include her compost full of worms. Certain that they find […]