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List of Weekend Marches & Rallies


Since there are several local rallies and marches happening this weekend, I thought it would be helpful to summarize them all in one place. Here’s the list I have for Friday and Saturday: 1)  Friday, Jan 20 (Inauguration Day), Bridge Together Golden Gate– 10am-noon Participants will form a human chain across the Golden Gate Bridge in […]

Youth Blog: Get informed about the Plastic Bag Ban Propositions!


By Lexi Neely, Drake High School SEA-DISC student & Sustainable Fairfax Intern We often hear about how Americans buy too many products we quickly dispose of or don’t really need. However, many overlook the wastefulness of the packaging and transport of the products we buy. The amount of single-use plastic bags we consume is no […]

ELECTION 2016: Sustainable Fairfax Recommends YES on C, YES on 67, NO on 65


Sustainable Fairfax strongly encourages everyone to vote on November 8th, 2016! For voting information, including your polling place, please see this link.  Below are our recommendations for the Statewide General Election (Propositions 65 and 67) and Fairfax Special Municipal Election (Measure C) . YES on Proposition 67. Eight years ago, Sustainable Fairfax initiated the first plastic bag […]

Support the California Seed Exchange Democracy Act!


Many Californians have started seed libraries which are local community-based organizations (like the one sponsored by the Fairfax branch library and Sustainable Fairfax) that offer public free access to seeds.  In 2014 several states, placed legal restrictions on seed sharing by demanding that seed libraries comply with burdensome, unrealistic testing and labeling regulations designed for […]

Support for Measure A

Measure A will protect the open space, parks and farmland that are essential to making Marin County an extraordinary and healthy place to live, work and play. Funding shortfalls and dwindling resources have led to the deterioration of county parks and preserves, and placed at risk unprotected natural places and farmland. Without this essential funding, there […]

Label GMO Symposium

50 Countries, Including China, Label Their GMO’s – Why Not Us? Despite polls that indicate Americans overwhelmingly want GMO foods labeled, the USDA continues to allow their production and sale without labeling or adequate testing. On November 6th, 2012, Californians will have the chance to vote YES, on CA Proposition 37 ‘Our Right to Know-Label […]

Light Pollution: Causes, Effects and Solutions


By Sophia Lahey Sir Francis Drake High School The main type of pollution people usually think of when they see the word “pollution” might be air pollution caused by cars and factories, or maybe big oil spills threatening the Gulf Coast. There’s another type of pollution that negatively effects the environment not quite as obvious […]