Buying Native Plants Locally


A lot of people ask us where we found the plants for the Sustainable Garden, so we thought we’d publish the list to make them easy to find! Native plants are more suited to our wet winters and dry summers, and are great for providing the pollen and food sources for our local fauna.

Remember, even drought-tolerant natives do like supplemental water for their first season, while they get established, and most prefer to be planted in the fall! This helps them develop a good root system before the harsh summer weather.

O’Donnel’s Nursery

Located in Fairfax, O’Donnel’s is a great source of native plants, as well as services like pruning and home landscaping consultations.

California Flora Nursery

Located in Sebastopol, this nursery is a jewel. Their website alone is a great resource for finding the right plant for your environment. Definitely worth the drive!

Mostly Natives

Take a scenic drive to Tomales for this great nursery. Check out their website and call before you go for specific plants.

Bay Natives Nursery

Focusing on plants specific to the Bay Area, this nursery is educational and fun. Check out their website or stop by the San Francisco nursery.



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