Youth Corner


We believe that one of our planets central problems in today’s society is the disconnect between its youth and adult demographics. With nearly a quarter of America’s population under the age of 18 (Age and sex compilation, 2010), and the fight for an environmentally sustainable world taking the efforts of ‘everyone,’ we clearly need to recognize the importance of youth involvement in our struggle for change. Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 8.59.05 AMMany adults disregard the youth in our community, consider them simply not up to the task of cutting out significant parts of their lives, like cars, to help aid our world’s increasingly slippery slope of global warming. In many cases we have found, this is far from the truth.

This page is here to highlight youth in our community that have ran with their passion of helping to create a more sustainable world. Hopefully youth visiting this page will find new environmental inspiration here while reading about the work, learning experiences, and rewards that their peers have had.

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