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Fairfax: Learn About Your New Kitchen Compost Pail


Marin Sanitary Service delivered kitchen compost pails to its Fairfax customers during the week of November 6th. The pail fits on a kitchen counter or under the sink, making it convenient for residents to collect their food waste. The program was created to encourage participation in a community effort to move Fairfax closer towards its ambitious […]

Marin Sanitary Service: Curbside Cleanup Next Week!


Marin Sanitary Service is providing two new services this year to its ratepayers in Fairfax. The free hazardous waste pick-up has been replaced by a Curbside Cleanup day and two free scheduled Bulky Item Collections. Curbside Cleanup:  On curbside cleanup days, you can put out up to fourteen extra 32-gallon bags or cans (2 cubic yards) of […]

Take the ReduceX2 Challenge! 


Take the Sustainable Fairfax ReduceX2 Challenge, and replace your single-occupancy car trips with other modes of transport at least two times per week (ReduceX2!). After completing the 3-week challenge, you will be entered into a drawing to win great prizes including a Boreas Gear backpack and an Alite barrell handlebar bag. During the first week of the challenge […]

This Halloween Go Green!

By Kanya Hart, Drake High School Senior & Sustainable Fairfax Zero Waste Intern During the holidays we all let go a little. But it doesn’t have to be expensive, on our wallets or the Earth. According to, Americans buy 598 million pounds of candy each year that have to be trucked or flown cross-country and […]

Did Your Bike Get Tagged?

BikeTag_Your bike is hot

On Friday, August 28, 2015, Sustainable Fairfax took to the streets as part of a launch of our new transportation initiative:  Reduce By Two (Car Trips per Week).   We tagged bikes with sayings like “Your bike is hot,”  “I love what you’ve done with your bike,” “Joy Ride, Amazing things happen when you ride your […]