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Our Accomplishments for 2015


Sustainable Fairfax was successful in bringing important programs and events to the community this year including the following accomplishments: Fairfax Zero Waste by 2020 Fairfax Take Back Day (May 2, 2015)- 3.6 tons of medications, batteries, electronics waste, and paper were collected from residents and diverted from the landfill. Backyard Composting & Mulching Workshops- these workshops educated […]

Streets for People a Success

Thanks to all of our friends, partners, and community, this year’s Streets for People was a huge success. The Marin IJ reported that over 1,0000 attended. Many people connected with friends that had not seen for a long time. Local shops reported increased sales. Everyone went home with smiles on their faces. Thanks to our […]

Mountain Bike Mosaic Dedication at Streets for People

A bit of mountain bike history will be honored at Streets for People on Sunday, August 25.  Architect Morgan Hall designed and coordinated the construction of a bench decorated with a ceramic mosaic depicting famous mountain bikers descending “Repack” fire road, where the first mountain biking race took place in 1976. Myles Babcock was in charge of construction […]

First Fairfax Compost Delivery of 2013

Rachel McKay 3/20/2013 Get your Oro Negro (compost) on Friday, April 5th when the first of two deliveries is made. The second delivery will be on Friday, May 3rd. This compost, made from local food scraps by Marin Sanitary, is available for free to all Fairfax residents. The drop off will be by the large containers between […]

Support for Measure A

Measure A will protect the open space, parks and farmland that are essential to making Marin County an extraordinary and healthy place to live, work and play. Funding shortfalls and dwindling resources have led to the deterioration of county parks and preserves, and placed at risk unprotected natural places and farmland. Without this essential funding, there […]

Sustainable Fairfax Receives Certificate of Recognition from State Senator

Sustainable Fairfax received a great honor at its 12th Anniversary Party in October. LaMonte Bishop presented us with a Certificate of Recognition from State Senator Mark Leno.  The proclamation is a wonderful validation of our efforts in the community. The text is as follows: Sustainable Fairfax Whereas, Sustainable Fairfax is celebrating its 12th Anniversary; and […]