Support for Measure A

YesOnaMeasure A will protect the open space, parks and farmland that are essential to making Marin County an extraordinary and healthy place to live, work and play. Funding shortfalls and dwindling resources have led to the deterioration of county parks and preserves, and placed at risk unprotected natural places and farmland. Without this essential funding, there will be further reductions in services, access to parks and protection of our natural resources.

Measure A will help protect Marin’s rolling hills, shorelines, wetlands, natural lands, forests and family farms throughout the county.  It has taken decades to build the system of parks, open space and protected farmland we have today. These lands are a living legacy and it’s essential that we renew our investment in them.

Please join Sustainable Fairfax and Fairfax Mayor Pam Hartwell-Herrero in supporting Measure A.  We need to act now. Vote Yes on Measure A.

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